Meet Prowork

and our commitment

Prowork Selección was founded in 1992 as a result of the merger of different professional experiences and different styles of doing, that combine in a single project with the enthusiasm, experience and sufficient thrust to give effective responses to the needs of temporary contracts.



Adaptation and Innovation.
The market and competition require us constantly "updated" that directly affect the quality and costs of services being performed.


Prowork is specially designed to give quickly and agile responses to our customers. Also the team configuration provides versatility in every one of its members so the continuity of the service is fully secured.

Our commitment is to work so others can do it and relate people —companies and workers— to achieve common goals. We seek to satisfy the needs of temporary employment and human resource that our business customers require.

We rely on a relationship of trust and efficiency in order to achieve a well done job. We also appreciate the flexibility as we solve the needs immediately.

The scope of our coverage reaches the province of Barcelona.

Barcelona office

Calle Muntaner, 235

Principal 2ª

08021 Barcelona

Tel. 934 14 05 13



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Prowork Selección